Friday, November 19, 2004

An addictive and hell-raising PC horror game...still what the hell happened?

Have you played Clive Barker's 'Undying'? It was one of the scariest, spookiest games the gaming world had witnessed till date. Anyone who plays it, is destined to be thrilled throughout the gameplay! Suiting narrations, eerie arena, dull/ill lightings, vicious spells, ambidexterous Patrick, captivating cutscenes, horrendous beasts, lurking horror Lizbeth, heinous howlers, gothic gargoyles, ornamental Oracle, subtler texture designs, stunning story line, spine-chilling sound tracks, ominous choirs, poetic parchment entries of Clive Barker and what not? With all the complex ingredients so intricately interwoven into a coherent whole, it is a true master piece of horror- genre games. Curtly...a PC game personification of horror! I am verily annoyed about the 'not-adequate-a-recognition' the game got, even more than the makers of it! Why not the promoters (EA games) give it a retry in the market? For those who missed, it will be a belated boon. A must-play game for every PC gamer! Why can't the team think of making a sequel, of which we are all expectant of and market atleast that one wisely and nicely? I mean Undying 2! Let us hope for the be(a)st to come!


At 02 December, 2004 03:12, Blogger gobes said...

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