Sunday, May 15, 2005

Resolutions...a solution?

The idea of shedding the ill-attitudes and unhealthy habits on a good day is all-encouraging. The only thing that irks is 'on a good day', which often means taking resolutions. As pointed out by my friend Aravind, we are likely to overlook our 'resolutions' in days (or months in some cases) and soon get set to the older routines! It is like a cart in a rut! A cart even if we try, will always roll on the grooves or say impressions on the road, formed by its previous run(s). What is needed is a revolutionary change which can smash the binding shackles!

For example, consider the case of people who smoke! They couldn't quit this unhealthy habit, inspite of taking umpteen resolutions repeatedly! What is needed is a strong will, which most of them verily lack. If they keep trying relentlessly, I am sure one day they will. No special day is needed for this! Only a value-based purpose or an unwavering mindset, not to succumb to the mundane pleasures of this preset petrified habitual practice of consuming the health-eater, will make the difference! This stands true in other habits/practices too.

Every one of us are almost destined to have a thing or two in the domains of our knowledge, as 'to-be-got-rid-off' sort. The even more important thing is, we are totally clear that getting out of those vicious traps would make a larger-than-life difference in our personal lives!

A paradigm shift...

We all ape for it. May through the all-pervasive Almighty and our unflinching efforts, we all get it. Wishes!


At 20 June, 2005 06:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Srini

I accept your point that we need strong will and we should try relentlessly to achieve what we need.

However, I differ with your statement "No special day is needed for this!". I think we need lot of special days to act like steps in a ladder. We should reflect on these days, what change we have made and how it has benefitted us. This reflection might help us keep going.

Also, If you don't break your goal into small manageable tasks and treat yourself as you complete each task, your interest will wane and hence you won't acheive your goal.

This may not be true for every situation or for all other people but this is my observation.


At 23 June, 2005 02:15, Blogger Srini said...

It's O.K. think of fragmental approach in completing arduous tasks needing strenuous efforts. Splitting things from complex to simple and accomplishing is wise and nice a suggestion. I accept.
But here, the question is quitting our habits bad and tendencies ill. It is like talking about a serial killer who tries to mend his ways by saying today I'll stab 'only' three and tomorrow just two and so! Either you stop or you continue. Things can only be binary in this issue. One more risk the triers may run into, is the gradual process may in the middle turn into a day of rash behavour and excessive indulgence. Still, what you said about thge special days/moments stand acceptable - in the aspects of going down the memory lane and you know, ruminating over the achievements in the past.
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