Sunday, December 12, 2004

Hands of God, Words of Wisdom...Shiv Khera

Winners don't do different things.
They do things differently!

The undeniable truth that each human being is bestowed with some distinct qualities that sets him apart from the rest, per se doesn't mean that he will succeed in his life. The understanding of this fact, possessing a righteous attitude, fixing the cherished goal, choosing an apt career, striving relentlessly, eschewing distractions and a lot more are essential to be jubilant and triumphant.

Though there are umpteen achievers with stunning adeptness and praiseworthy prowess in every known field - from architecture to archaeology, art to adventure, music to martial art, engineering to etymology, story-writing to science and technology, sports to spirituality and so, who have stamped indelible marks in the folios of world history, it is possible for only a feebly few to not only leave their footprints and memoirs, but to retrace their trodden paths, out of their altruistic attitude, divine love and magnanimous mindset, to lend their 'Hands of God' to the striving people of the earth to emancipate them from the confining mundane shackles of their own mental creation, to glorious heights and not-even-dreamt horizons!

Shiv Khera, the founder of 'Qualified Learning Systems Inc., USA', is one such personality, who prods people to realize their goals and re-evaluate their strategies for their life in toto. An erudite educator, efficient businessman, eloquent speaker, eminent writer, renowned consultant, international motivator...Shiv Khera has more feathers than his hat could bear!

Once I had a priceless opportunity of attending his public address (on 10/20/2003 at Hindustan Engineering College, Coimbatore, TN, India) along with my students of Erode Sengunthar Engineering College, Erode, TN, India. Here I've tried to give the essence of what he spoke, for I strongly believe that the vibrant words uttered by this legendary achiever-cum-motivator will be of pronounced use to many of us:

  • Doers will always do. Sayers will keep on saying.
  • For certain things we don't have choice. (like skin complexion, height, parents, etc.)
  • No one can motivate others, but can inspire.
  • Winners don't do different things. They do things differently!
  • What losers do not like to do, winners also do not either...but still they do. That is why they are the winners. (getting up early in the morning!)
  • Trust is more important than love. We can love somebody, but cannot trust them.
  • Child starts learning telling lies only from parents and develops an inferiority complex later. ("Tell him I am not here", father says when his kid attends an official call of Dad, as he is not in official mood!)
  • Practice makes (things) only permanent; only 'perfect' practice makes things perfect.
  • When we do good, our self esteem goes up and vice-versa.
  • Winners take the 'extra' strain needed.
  • It takes 15 years of practice for a 15 second performance for the athletes.
  • Change your weaknesses into strengths!
  • Empathizing is putting ourselves in the place of somebody in distress. Sympathy? A mere feeling.
  • Only crackpots will keep expecting jackpots!
  • 100% population is not youth, but 100% future is youth.