Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Want to read/write abstracts?

I've found a site advertised in my site (here!), named http://www.shvoong.com/, which focuses upon the abstracts/summaries of books, novels, natural science, etc. If you've some spare time, you can log in and publish abstracts of whatever you liked in your reading...and yes! - get paid for it, depending on the content and the subsequent public recognition.

There is no annoying pre-requisites like experience in writing or expertise in scripting, to get into it. It aptly suits and ably supports newbies in writing like me!

'Shvoong' offers three categories for writing articles, based on 'word count' - 300, 600 and 900 word abstracts. It allows us to post/publish abstracts/articles in whopping 37 different languages, about natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, www and newspaper stuff. As consented in the site, by the site, it doesn't employ any expert for screening and everything is left to the discretion of the readers and writers of this web portal!

I don't know anything more about it other than what is necessary for writing an abstract about 'Shvoong'! So far, I've published only one article in 'Shvoong' (by slightly modifying one of my earlier posts in this blog page, titled 'An appeal to the bloggers' to meet the requirement of minimum 300 words for every abstract). Check out
'Shvoong' for more...