Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2012 - a new year of newer hopes and newest scopes...

Dear friends,
        This is my humble attempt to give a poetic welcome to this newly unfurled year 2012...

Let our
          Tribulations get defaced
          Enmities get effaced;
                   Differences resolved
                   Belligerence dissolved…
          Goodwill prevail
          God’s will pervade…
In the task of
        Turning dreams into realities
          Churning symphony from rhapsody  
With God’s grace
        Never we will relinquish
        Together we shall accomplish
          Shackles of love bind us
          Pinnacles of success find us!
Year 2012
        An year of newer hopes
        And newest scopes..!

R. Srinivasamoorthy,
Lecturer - SMIE, Poly Campus,
Bahir Dar University