Saturday, February 26, 2005

Tiffany Brissette...a star of stunning class!

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Any normal toddler of her age will only squabble over frivolous things and flirt with blissful ignorance/ mischiefs - sometimes by filling our hearts with their capricious blend of emotions...sometimes by emptying our cash cards by their casual behaviour! Not so was one Tiffany...for she captured the hearts of hundreds of TV viewers by her stunning performance in a thoroghly interesting and totally inspiring comedy serial - 'Small Wonder'! A couple of years ago, whenever possible, I eagerly saw this serial (Monday to Friday, in evening hours) in Star Plus Channel. I am always interested to watch the robo girl portrayed by Brissette in 'Small Wonder'.
The story runs around a small family with familial values, of a scientist named Ted Lawson (Dick Christie) working in a 'Robotronics' company, accompanied by her caring wife Joan Lawson, blessed with a son named Jamie (played by Jerry Supiran). His greatest invention lies in bringing out a child - like robot, played by Tiffany Brissette as Vici (VICI is the acronym for Voice Input Child Identicant). As a robot, her strange actions and extra-ordinary powers leave people around her with an astonishment and not-normal-a-feeling. The creator Lawson, prefers to not let the cat out and what ensues is a full-fledged funny drama with ludicrous events, though it essentially has some explicit family values and some implicit messages for the kids.
Though the core credit goes to Tiffany for her striking performance, the co-stars of the family were beaming with lots of spirits in rendering their roles to ensure that 'Small Wonder' will not be a run of the mill comedy serial. When Dick Christie and Marla Pennington, go well with their roles, in aptly expressing their emotions linked with trivial happenings, occasional disappointments, neighbour's envy, aping for promotion, dissatisfaction with their kid's academics and irresponsible behaviour, the toughest task gets set on the tender and slender shoulders of the tiny little Tiffany! Her composed nature and ease in portraying a robot girl coupled with her keenness in sustaining a 'not-expressing-emotions' stance, with a bit of subtelty at allowed instances, is verily praise-worthy, setting her apart from any of the contemporary performers of her age. Even as a cute little girl with curly hair, she exhibits an inner strength of being poised to live life the way it is meant to be, a sure trait of her own, which I feel as the real reason for the rare performance of this rarest talent.
Her physical motions were so precisely pre-metered that a future and feasible VICI, the one we could take home for assisting and amusing us, would truly 'behave' like 'her'! She is complete with her expression and serious in not yielding to instincts which are normal, for she is 'fully aware' that she is wearing a mask of a robot!
She has appeared even at 4, on television and in film and has auditioned in radios/albums. She has appeared in several television commercials too. A complete girl, she emerged as in later years, with her zeal to acquire multiple skills -with unique prowess in playing piano, singing and classical dancing. She was an advocate for science education making public service announcements for many science museums, including 'California Museum of Science and Industry'. A girl of this high a value and credits, became a missionary and youth counselor and vocalist at the Solana Beach Presbyterian Church, located in San Diego, in early months of 2000.
Her spiritual quality was well-evident even when she was a kid, making her an intelligent performer with a quick grasp of things around her! Every parent will like to have a kid of her sort. What else is needed other than looking at her innate glories and stages of evolvement, by being with her, nurturing her and witness the whole world praising her! Am I a bit emotive? Well...out of admiration!

'Small Wonder' theme song

She's a small wonder, lovely and bright with soft curls;
She's a small wonder, a child unlike other girls.
She's a miracle and I grant you;
She'll enchant you at her sight.
She's a small wonder, and she'll make your heart beat twice;
She's fantastic, made of plastic, microchips here and there.
She's a small wonder, brings love and laughter everywhere!

Reproaches for a request earnest!

I've posted an article appealing to the bloggers (which appeared priorly here too), not to use blogs for erotic and perverted purposes, in ''. Immeasurable fury I've to face for such a humble request, which manifested in the form of abusive replies with clamorous curses and roaring reproaches, the highlight being one 'thousand-insects-infest-upon-my-armpit' curse!
Well, blogs are for venting our griefs and gains, pleasures and pains and of course, for anything and everything that comes in our way. It is the freedom we do excercise in posting our thoughts and casting our dreams. A portal to unleash our innerself, freely. Yes.
A little introspection reveals that, one doesn't stand in the middle of a high-traffic highway for the reason that he is 'free' to do anything he likes! Our behaviour will be deemed by the society we live in as 'liberal', if we are set to interfere others' freedom. Thus one's freedom should never cross the bounds, to hurt our co-existing homo sapiens. Our freedom will remain as itself, as long as it is not 'intruded' by others, in the name of the so-called freedom. One grand conclusion is, we are free; not liberal.
If we post some obnoxious pictures and erotic scripts, then people passing by, cannot ignore it. A natural instinct draws them to it, almost every time - the sequel being spoiling their senses to succumb to sensuous things mundane. This will subsequently urge people to browse blogs for ...if you pardon me to say, bdsm and banned videos!
When dedicated porn sites are already there, why the blog sites, which merely reflect common human's our opinions and observations, be used into a platform for such profane and obscene stuff?
We've limitless oppurtunities to grow by leaps and bounds, in limited span of life, whose limits are not known! It is better to limit ourselves to legitimate a living!
We need not resort to lofty yielding actvities; at least refrain from lowly drowning atrocities.
If it is possible for some one to use blogging for generating funds for Tsunami-victims, let them go on. For the rest of us? Well, at least, let us stay cool by scripting our notions and passions, which may or may not inspire any visitor/reader, but will never lead astray to jeopardising jungles.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Troubled waters...Tsunami

For aeons of time unknown
------You are the witness lone;
With umpteen creatures extinct
------You had a rapport distinct

Terra's lion's share
------Nurturing love and care;
Reaping what you bear
------We live at your shore

Altruistic and always deary
------Why this abrupt act of fury?
Benevolent an asset
------Why on earth you beset?

Wuthering waves
------Withered lives;
Gushing storms
------Effaced homes

Time and tide
------Waited for none...

Bereaved of belongings
------Deprived of dear ones;
Even our kids small
------For no misdeeds big

In pain and strain
------We mourn in vain;
Of hue and cry
------Our eyes are dry

Generous like an ocean
------We will teach never;
Vibrant like a wave
------Will we preach ever?

Oh God!
Is this earth or earthly hell?
------Where else can we safely dwell?
Why this wrath wrought on us?
------On whom lies the whole onus?

May divine love fill our hearts
------The only cure for all our hurts;
We all pray as craving souls
------For your grace surely heals

No more to say
------Lead us your way!

P.S.:The tragic spell cast by Tsunami has victimised lakhs of our brethren in its deadly run. This poem is a tribute to the people, bereaved of their kith and kin, homes and possesions. Let us pray for those who left us. Let us contribute for those who are left with. I do thank my brother Mr. R. Maruthachala Murthy, for tweaking this poem with valuable inputs. I've submitted this poem in
02/19/2005: A good news from the people at Voicesnet! This poem has been selected for publication in
'The VoicesNet Anthology International Poetry Competition books' for this quarter, going to press on 6/1/2005. Rewards and recognitions do inspire!